Are you ready to live over there? How are you going to raise your boys in a third world country? Are you scared about living in a third world country? What is your home going to look like? What are you going to miss? What about giving up all the comforts of America? I could never do what you are doing.

These are completely normal and valid questions that I have also asked myself countless times.

The amazing thing about following God's call is that He is so good at preparing you for the task He has called you to.

If you were to ask me five years ago what I thought my life would look like in five years, I would have painted you an wonderful picture of living in America, with the perfect little home, in a safe and thriving community, where I’d be able to raise my little family with my husband.

God, in His infinite wisdom, has a much better plan that I could ever imagine and He has changed my heart to want His plan for my life.

No, my house will not be what I’ve always pictured, but I will have a home where I get to raise my boys and enjoy some coffee with friends.

No, I might not live in the safest community with a target and Starbucks on every block, but I serve a God who can provide all the comforts in the world and who will gladly carry all our burdens.

Life in Papua New Guinea will be nothing like America. There will be crazy insects, snakes, spiders, and creatures, but the excitement I find in raising my boys in this beautiful country, while proclaiming Christ as King, brings me more joy and comfort than America ever will.

So, am I ready to live over there? YES, I am ready for God to strip me of all things that make America comfortable so that those who have never heard will have access to the hope of Jesus Christ that we freely have here in America.